Welcome to the IKS ro'jach!

The year is 2389 and the Klingon Empire has stagnated. Klingon warriors spend more time fighting and killing each other in petty house squabbles than conquering new worlds. The powers that surround the Empire, with the exception of the Romulans, are building and organizing. In this environment, the High Council is looking for another way forward. Then, the Federation came to the Empire with a olive branch. The Federation would assist and lend technical support to the Empire. The Empire could explore farther and much more effectively with Federation support. For their part, the Federation want the Klingon vessels and crew to operate with, and sometimes under, Starfleet. The Empire would also share everything they discover with the Federation.

One joint project the Empire and Federation started was the refitting of several Klingon star ships with Federation upgrades. The IKS ro' jach was one of the first vessels to undergo the process. In addition to a refitted power plant, the ro' jach is fitted with the latest Federation science labs and sensors. The ship's medical facilities have also expanded and upgraded to Starfleet standards. Finally, Starfleet volunteers will also serve on KDF vessels to help integrate the new technology and protocols.