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HoD Kalja

Name Kalja

Position Commanding Officer

Rank HoD

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 39
House Otlhoq

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 185
Hair Color Brown, with grey streaks
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kalja has a Athletic build. She keeps her hair long but puts it up while on duty.


Spouse none
Father T'gol, son of Karjul
Mother Aya, daughter of Jwai
Sister(s) NaSa
Other Family B'mala, niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kalja is an experienced officer. She has no grand designs on becoming a general or seek political office.
Ambitions Despite her noble background, Kalja has no desire to hold any position other than on a star ship.
Hobbies & Interests Kalja enjoys Targ hunting and Klingon operas. She also enjoys Andorian music and Human food.

Personal History Kalja was born into the Imperial House of Otlhoq on Qo'nos. She was educated in languages such as Romulan and Terran English. Kalja was also tutored in the various cultures of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. She lived a privileged lifestyle. She enjoyed the finest operas and targ hunting.

While Kalja was a good student and scholar, it was her family ties that got her accepted into the Imperial War Academy. The Academy trains well to do Klingon youth to be diplomats, bureaucrats, along with military officers. Kalja's family wanted her to study to enter the imperial diplomatic corps. Kalja, however, decided to study to become a KDF officer.

At the the Academy, Kalja made friends with her roommate, Mova. Unlike Kalja, Mova was studying to become a bureaucrat. The two girls got along well. Kalja took Mova targ hunting and Mova took Kalja to decadent parties in the First City.

When the Duras sisters refused to acknowledge Gowron as Chancellor, the First City was the epicenter of the civil war. Fighting soon erupted in the academic halls of the Academy. Many instructors and cadets had their blood spilled by their classmates. Kalja herself killed Mova in close combat. Kalja's first enemy slain was not a powerful Gorn or duplicitous Romulan but her best friend. The Duras faction won the Academy, Kalja and the Gowron faction fled.

Kalja an the survivors from the Academy quickly joined up with the IKS Groj, a old D-10 cruiser. Kalja was assigned as a gunner's mate. The Groj fought many fights against the Duras faction. During these running battles, Kalja acquitted herself well. Despite Groj's age, the ship survived the war.

After the civil war, the Groj was assigned to the Gorn border. Kalja
Service Record 2366-67 Imperial War Academy - Cadet

2367 IKS Groj - Gunner's Mate, beq

2367-69 IKS Groj - Weapons Officer, lagh

2369-72 IKS QomuS - Weapons Officer, Sogh Hom

2372-75 IKS Bul'cho - Marine Officer, Sogh

2375-78 K-471 - Weapon's Officer, la' Hom

2378-82 IKS Ketha - Marine Commander, la'

2382-86 IKS Mulraja- First Officer, la'

2386-89 IKS Mulraja, HoD

2389 IKS ro' jach - Commanding Officer, HoD