- All players must be 18 or older to play, due to the graphic nature of this Sim.
- Players are expected to post 2 times a month
- LOAs should be posted anytime you cannot commit to a monthly period of posts.
- Please keep in mind that this is not Love/Sex Trek. No penetrations. (If you have to ask, you cannot play.)
- Also look at your posts. Proof them for mistakes, if possible. If English is your native language, this should not be an issue.
- I am a fan of freedom of expression, but if posts reflect more about your cussing, than your character, I'll start moderating said person's posts. So please try to understand proper times in the story that it's OK to drop the F-bomb or other big ones, excessively (ask, if you are unsure, about this rule).
- If people have a story or subplot in mind, please PM, e-mail, or talk to me over an IM. I'm open for ideas all the time.
- You are not allowed to hit, kill, teleport, mind erase, or other wise harm another player's character without their permission.