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lagh B'mala

Name B'mala

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Rank lagh

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 17
House Otlhoq

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 165
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Lithe but solid build. B'mala keeps her hair up in a simple pony tail.


Father gharnoq, son of malqor (deceased)
Mother na'Sa, daughter of Aya

Personality & Traits

General Overview B'mala is a very eager and capable officer. She is a little bitter that her family all but forced her into the mission. In some ways she feels like a failure for not having been killed along with many of her kin on the IKS boloqar. B'mala also feels ashamed that her mother acted selfishly and sent her out of the Empire. She comes from a powerful house.
Strengths & Weaknesses B'mala is very athletic, even for a Klingon. She has a strong survival instinct and is tenacious. B'mala has a good grasp on tactics.

B'mala is hot headed and will fight every slight, real or imagined. She is too sensitive and thin-skinned.
Ambitions B'mala wants to command her own ship in the KDF. She would also like to rejoin her house and start a family.
Hobbies & Interests From her upbringing her family has always been involved in Qo'nos politics. Since coming to the Federation that has tapered off.She enjoys spending time alone in a wilderness. Like many Klingons, she enjoys Shakespeare.

Personal History B'mala was born into House Otlhoq. She is the third child and second daughter. Her family spends much time at their estate on the agricultural world of chal'Daj. Her house rules the planet and owns a large winery. Her house also owns and operates a small shipyard on the nearby world of Ta'amar. Her house is also involved with politics on Qo'nos.

Growing up B'mala's uncle, veg'har, was on her constantly. He trained her in the use of weapons such as the bat'leth. He gave her instructions in small unit tactics and how to lead warriors. Many hours were spent playing klin zha. There were also trips on board warships. B'mala was expected to know how to operate every weapon on the ship.

When there was free time B'mala loved to hunt Targs with her family. She very much enjoyed the tranquility of nature. So much so that she would occasionally run off into the woods for periods oat a time. At first she was caught and punished harshly. Later she could evade capture and would eventually return on her own. She would still be punished but less so if she didn't get captured.

At ten B'mala was sent off to the military academy on Qo'nos. The large school located in the capital city was a big change from the rural life she grew up in. Many of the other students were being groomed for posts in the Imperial bureaucracy or with Imperial Defense Force staff. Her house is also involved with politics on Qo'nos. Although her house is not on the High Council, they do have close relations with houses that are on the High Council.

While her house ruled chal'Daj, she was a nobody on Qo'nos. It was a hard adjustment to suddenly being at the bottom of society. B'mala was humbled by the experience. B'mala was a better than average student but never really excelled at any one subject.

B'mala also became entangled in many duels and personal feuds at the academy. She was quick to angry and slow to think.

She passed her officer's exam. Despite falling into freezing waters, she also passed the ordeal at Rura Penthe but never reached the pole. At thirteen she was assigned to the IKS boloqar, a Vorcha class ship owned by her house.

House Otlhoq became enmeshed in a feud between rival houses. The boloqar was attacked by House H'ruS vessels over the jungle world of mulv'aq. At the climax of the battle the boloqar was boarded. The boarders made their way to the bridge. B'mala fought bravely as well as the crew but there were too many warriors to fight. Her uncle, ngolotor, was slain at the captain's chair on the bridge. B'mala reached the escape pods and made to the planet below.

The warriors of House H'ruS gave chase. B'mala evaded her pursuers by hiding in the jungles. It took all of her survival knowledge and skill to stay ahead of her chasers. She now had an appreciation for the many targs her family hunted down. They dogged her for three weeks before giving up. Emaciated, B'mala turned on the escape pod's transponder and was rescued.

House Otlhoq had suffered greatly. ngolotor's head was a display piece in the H'rus estates on Qo'nos. The boloqar now had the family crest of H'ruS painted on it. Several trusted warriors and allies of the house also perished. Although no one has shammed B'mala, she feels responsible for not dying.